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by tubelord

Arbor 03:16
Three masters left the Earth their minds Inscribed a time device All the people had to do Was read the words before they slept It never could be easier than that... Learn Ratchet's sums And construct Arbor's words For your child will believe in experience! Bezel, What's that in your hand? A skull? Or the thoughts of a man who knows. Who knows? ------------------------------------------------------------- So they left...So they left and sold our dreams To the moon...for a piece of future history Spin the cogs of a clock [set loose], our hands dig deep translating a verse, we solved their mystery ------------------------------------------------------------- Little did they know we'd cracked their Codes of time inscriptions, Soon all three devices will compound to form allianced life! ------------------------------------------------------------- And so they left [so they left], so they left and solved our peace With the three [bricks of dreams] we can build a future history And so they left [so they left], so they left and solved our dreams With the three [bricks of dreams] we can build a future you and me
Ratchet (free) 02:58
One night the moons glare attracted the attentive Arbor's sight three forms leave earth for adventure kick back and harvest their own style ----------------------------------------------------------- one dreams of land free restrictions time-lines erased for humans what joy for all free to cradle before they took leave the king set a task ----------------------------------------------------------- take the pictures, start over life seperate the order stripping heartbeats from a tick-tock-knife seperate the order ----------------------------------------------------------- strip the tick-tocks of heartbeat life feed constraints in order trigger pictures start over, why? Sweep away exposures leave inscriptions on the hows and whys of time control our light-bulbs burn a secret tone myths of history simmer home hide the codes and fly to be kings here build ourselves a new year
Bazel 03:00
Set the Earth Ablaze with free Perforated skylines in-between Trails of age Glide through Unseen Our superman won’t fly here anymore ---------------------------------------------------------- Eradicate a left to right sense To tell the east from the west To seek a borderless Queen munter hich le Inscript sur les tablettes du temp Strapped within a coil of heartbeat sums Calculated Blueprints for the symbolized ‘one’ ---------------------------------------------------------- Arbor, Ratchet and Bazel broke free from the myths found in a tapestry of history Everybody’s saving time You’ll see master query Where are your minds? ---------------------------------------------------------- ---lunar sea expands ---lunacy is ---lunar ---sea is man ---lunar see our ---lunacy in man ---lunar sea is ---lunacy, does man ---see a sequence? ---------------------------------------------------------- signal bleeps absent chimes lunar code vacant smile All three sing wondering stroking chins memory flags are flown by the queen combine her signs of lunar kings a line of time for you and me deciphering asymmetry what it means with clarity desire flies a tapestry a flag for three a wave for peace eventually a reasoning an absent mind in absent dreams Why? ---------------------------------------------------------- Over, [Contemplate] cratered ridges Left [the] pondering What’s there to solve here? And who is me [are they]? The glare is fading a hunger sprung for new adventures without a sun our mother tongue flicks in search for words a flashlight victim a verse in curse solute our problems dig for a sign answer in questions for all is why? a fall for lovers for all is why? a former lover united eyes a fall for lovers for all is why


Tezcatlipōca was recorded with Steve Albini in a converted warehouse space in Berlin.
Or so that's what you sort of want to have had happened perhaps. But to be honest....It was recorded with Steve Albini in a converted warehouse space in Berlin.
No I'm pulling your arm. ha ha ha.
Yeah so, I can't remember when exactly in 2010 but I recall it being quite early on in the year, we holed ourselves up with Steve Albini, sleeping in a converted warehouse for a week in Berlin to record the three songs you can hear above and another called 'De²'.


released August 16, 2010

All songs written and performed using variations of the major diatonic and blues scales being stirred through with lots of mixo-lydian modes.


all rights reserved



tubelord London, UK

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